All about the kitchenware

Cooking is an art that has existed for thousands of years, and consists of preparing food through different processes, using kitchenware and utensils, in order to facilitate its consumption by making it more attractive and healthy.

But cooking is not a task that is done only with the hands. There are instruments that make this work much simpler and more practical, and because of this, they are essential.

Kitchen utensils are the tools that facilitate the preparation of all the meals that exist. Here we will see the most suitable materials and the most used in the kitchen.

Cooking without the proper kitchenware and utensils is almost an impossible mission, which is why these elements are essential and of great value in the field of culinary art. Each one fulfills a different function, so you have to know how to select and use them properly to avoid actions that could end in disasters.

Type of material

Finding good quality kitchenware and utensils with the best materials is essential, as well as that they are not toxic to health, since using two of different materials at the same time may not be a good decision.

The most suitable materials used to make kitchen utensils are:


Instruments made of this material are spoons, ladles, cutting boards, and spatulas. It is highly recommended to avoid damaging the non-stick surface of pots and pans that are made of stainless steel, aluminum or Teflon.

The metal

Mainly steel or aluminum, it is the most resistant of all materials, being able to withstand high temperatures. It is used for pots, pans and baking sheets and, given good use, can last a lifetime.

the silicone

This material is very easy to care for, clean and does not retain any type of odor, apart from preserving the original flavor of the food intact. It resists high temperatures and its flexibility makes it easier to remove food from pots.

the nylon

It is very economical, practical and is not missing in any kitchen. It does not retain odors or flavors, but caution should be exercised when near fire, as the material melts on contact with very high temperatures.

The most used elements

In order to prepare food, the use of kitchenware and kitchen utensils is required, and the correct ones must be used for each procedure, so as not to make any mistake that could cause an accident.

Kitchen spoons

There is a wide variety of spoons, all of different shapes, sizes and materials. Each one fulfills a specific function in the kitchen, for example, there are spoons that are special for soups, others for sauces, others in the form of spatulas for cakes or desserts, among many others.

Kitchen knives

They are made of metal, but just like spoons, they come in all sizes and vary according to their use. For example: the paring knife that is used to peel fruits and vegetables, the fillet knife to cleanly and quickly cut pieces of meat, the boning knife that is used to separate the bones from the pieces of meat, among others.

Metal containers

Made mostly of plastic, they serve to keep food in good condition while it is transported to another place, be it school, the office or any other place, without letting odors escape.

The pots

They are large containers made of metal, designed mainly to boil water, and then cook food.

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